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SuitePro is powered by Redmine, the popular project management and issue tracking solution based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Redmine lets us have a powerful workflow for getting tasks done and keep information in one place.

  • Ruby
  • Project
  • Workflow

The Basics: Projects,
Tasks, Issue Tracking

Keep track of everything, with visual indicators to monitorize tasks and subtasks in order to stay up to date with milestones, track of time, workflows and all that requires attention.

Documents, Wikis,
File Management

Keep documents and files availables wherever you are. Use the wiki project to save project requeriments, attached files, install and user guides, or meeting minutes at your fingertips.

Flexible control
of user access

Using a role-based approach, roles are a collection of permissions outlining how users can operate with the projects. Each member of a project can have one or more roles assigned by administrators.

Other Features

  • Gantt Chart And Calendar

    The gantt chart displays issues that have a start date and a due date. The calendar provides an overview of a project as a monthly view.

  • News And Forums

    News to show information about the status of projects or any other subjects. The forums allow users from a project to communicate with each others.

  • Email notifications And Feeds

    SuitePro can be configured to receive notifications via email. It also provides web feeds to use with external readers or aggregators.

  • Code Repositories

    Version Control Systems like Git or Subversion can be used as code repositories and also keep track of changes made to the code.

  • Responsive Design

    SuitePro is optimized to look great on mobile devices thanks to its responsive design. All pages adapt automatically to the screen size on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

  • Is Open Source Software

    It means you are not locked into using a particular vendor’s system, and it’s continually evolving in real time as developers add to it and modify it.

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